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A gentleman who likes to write dirty.I like to treat ladies to a special fantasy and especially enjoy giving a massage and going down. Kik Ballard81.

I won't be joining this new fap site so goodbye from me. Thanks for the fun x
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@daydream_believer hmmmm new toy darling? Super nice! X
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Just sent a sexy story to one of my tumblr followers to cheer her up. I'm nice like that x
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Got some super sexy uploads on Tumblr if you wanna follow me x http://seriouslyerotic.tumblr.com/
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Feeling quite low. Looking for a nice girl to send me something nice to cheer me up ;( x
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If you fell horny take some pics and send to my kik. Happy wanking friends
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I have put new pictures and shares on Seriously Erotic on Tumblr. Kik Ballard81 if you want to share your pics xxx
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@daydream_believer just sent an awesome set of photos... I'm going to send her something back. she is the hottest thing there is xxx
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I love watching Naomi Watts masturbate in Mulholland Drive. want is your best movie fap?
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wants someone to cuddle into, stay warm with and gently fuck...
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@daydream_believer makes me cum so hard x beautiful lady
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@Kimberly83 I'd like to have you ride me, fucking my dick with your asshole while I fuck your pussy with a toy and finger your clit x
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Horny as fuck
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New uploads to my tumblr. Go look then have a wank. You know you want to x
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Here's hoping that April Summers takes Wimbledon Google+ #shotoftheday #headband comp literally and wears nothing but. Sexy girl.
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@jet_26 welcome to MN. Hope to be seeing more of you and chatting some hot stuff in the Cumming weeks. X
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Her vagina was gripping it so tight it didn't fall out when she stood up and let the juices juices pour out of her onto the poolside.
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We then got out and used it for a speculum. Clear plastic carries the torch light well. I could make out the remains of my cum on her cervix. Hot
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I then fucked her with a snorkel under water. It went 8 inches in when she came.
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It felt weightless too, so very hot and sexy.
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My cock sharing her insides with rushing cool water felt incredible.
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Well I can cross having sex in a swimming pool off my to do list. You must try it. Sensational.
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new uploads to tumblr if you can be bothered.
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You know who you are. So good.
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@daydream_believer is one hot lady... Mmmm.. Xx
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@SSophia hello darling. Look forwards to chatting with you xxxxx
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@asdfghjklzxcvbnm Very hot.
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Follow me at http://seriouslyerotic.tumblr.com/ and I'll follow and promote you :-)
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